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940 North is in a great location for dining and recreation! There are great restaurants and bars in the surrounding area including the thousands of dining destinations downtown. For quick, convenient meals near home, you can stop by Chipotle, Subway, Caruso’s, Qdoba, Blaze Pizza, Wendy’s, Sonic, or Zips which are all within a couple blocks! For coffee lovers, there are plenty of options within walking distance as well: Starbucks, Dutch Bros, Indaba, Brews Bros Espresso, Hatch Beaker & Burr, Wake Up Call, and Forza Coffee Company. If you are looking for recreational areas, check out Riverfront Park, Manito Park, or Huntington Park where you can enjoy the beauty of Spokane. There is a lot to love when you live at 940 North!

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940 North

Spring Cleaning Tips for College Students!

I’m not kidding. If you want to clean your entire space, set aside a day for it. If you get done early, then you have the rest of the day free, but there’s nothing worse than starting a large cleaning project and having to leave it. Cha ...

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Seven Tips for Adjusting Your Study Habits During COVID-19

Things may feel out-of-control right now. You may be facing a lot of unknowns and disruptions. Try to be patient with yourself, your classmates, and your instructors during this time. Making a plan and adjusting your studying may help you f ...

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Free Things to Do

The coronavirus pandemic is rapidly changing the daily routines of millions of Americans as many settle into their new self-isolation realities. ...

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Safety and Financial Tips for Young People Moving Out for the First Time

So, you’re moving out for the first time. Chances are you feel a mixture of excitement, anxiety, happiness, and sadness as you plan to venture out on your own. That’s normal since it’s such a big step for anyone to take in life. Fortu ...

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Finals Study Tips during Quarantine

With finals around the corner and all that is going on around us, finding the concentration to study can be difficult. We have put together a list of study strategies to help you find your focus. ...

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